Provide Superior Benefits:

LipoVantage™ Advanced Liposomal Technology is a state-of-the-art delivery system that offers high bioavailability and high potency, but that’s just the beginning. 

Benefits of Liposomal Delivery Technology

Bioavailability Levels not seen in the natural products industry until now!

LipoVantage™ increases bioavailability and performance in the body. Bioavailability refers to the amount of the ingredient that gets absorbed into the body and reaches its intended target where it can exert its health- related benefits. Because LipoVantage™ ingredients are wrapped in a protective liposome, the active ingredient can be protected as it passes through the harsh environment of the stomach and enters the intestines. Once in the intestines, the liposomes assist in carrying the active ingredient through the cell wall and into the bloodstream where it can then reach its physiological target.

The Four Tenants of LipoVantage™
Liposome Bioavailability:

  1. LipoVantage™ liposomes are highly soluble in the stomach, the ingredients are well dispersed and not clumped together.
  2. LipoVantage™ liposomes offer protection from the harsh environment of the stomach
  3. LipoVantage™ liposomes are highly permeable in the small intestines, the liposomes are easily absorbed through the cell lining of the intestines, thus helping the active ingredient get absorbed.
  4. LipoVantage™ liposomes are considered nano-molecules, their size is optimized at 100-200 nm. The small size of these molecules further improves their solubility and bioavailability.

High Stability

Liposomes are known to be unstable, but our proprietary manufacturing process, aided by Gum Arabic, adds the needed stability to allow for longer shelf life as shown in our accelerated stability studies, supporting a 2.5 – 3 year shelf life.

Specnova’s proprietary production process using Gum Arabic makes all the difference!

liposomal benefits

Specnova’s proprietary production process using Gum Arabic makes all the difference! Normally liposomes are liquid, as the liposomal spheres are formed because of the presence of water in the core of the liposomes. Water is generally removed by either spray- or freeze-drying, which tends to rupture the liposome. Using gum arabic as a part of the proprietary LipoVantage™ technology, we can create stable liposomal structures and prevent common liposomal leakage. Gum arabic also helps increase liposomal benefits and the performance of the product during manufacturing (free-flowing, not sticky) and increases shelf-life (high stability).

Gum Arabic is a natural, non-GMO plant polysaccharide from the acacia tree that has been safely used in foods for centuries. It was chosen because it is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and an excellent emulsifier. It also has low viscosity in aqueous solutions.

Encapsulation Efficiency

This is the ability to put a high amount of active ingredient inside the lipsome.
LipoVantage technology allows more active ingredient to be added to the core compared to the average lipsome.


Easy Formulation & Manufacturing Capabilities

Unlike most liposomal ingredients, LipoVantage™ ingredients are available as a free-flowing, water-soluble powder. They can easily be formulated into many different formats including capsules, tablets, gummies, chews, confectionaries, nutritional powders, RTDs, etc. As the popularity of gummies, chews and other novel mouth experiences increases, LipoVantage™ ingredients can be seamlessly incorporated.

No excipients or additives are used in creating LipoVantage™ ingredients thus offering a clean alternative to formulating products. Although there are no additives, LipoVantage™ remains non-sticky and cause no issues at the CMO level.

High Phosphatidylcholine
(PC) Content

The percent of actual phosphatidylcholine (PC) in the lecithin source used to supply/create the liposome is very important. PC is the phospholipid source (which is found in lecithin) needed to form the liposome. Many companies use commodity, food-grade soy or sunflower lecithin, that is used as a thickener or emulsifier, with little to no actual PC to form liposomes. Specnova sources highly concentrated PC sunflower lecithin with no less than 50-60% PC to create true liposomes.


LipoVantage™ ingredients are better tolerated with fewer side effects such as Gl distress, upset stomach and diarrhea that are common to some ingredients. This is because they are wrapped in a protective liposome that can survive through the stomach, where the upset often occurs, and into the intestines. Once into the intestines, the ingredients are absorbed, without the known side effects.