About Specnova

A Story Behind Every Ingredient 

In 2017, our founding team of scientists and experts united to introduce unique, plant-based ingredients that would stand out in a saturated marketplace.

Branded Ingredients That Build Brands—

One look at our vibrantly pigmented fruit, herb and plant extracts reveals why we’re different, the color of our commitment to quality and purity. The real differentiation is in what your customers don’t see.

  • Novel, clinically-driven claims.

  • Exciting encapsulation and delivery systems.

  • Enhanced bioavailability

  • Stronger, proven benefits to help your brand stand out.

Our difference is your competitive edge.

nordic elderberry without sugar

We’re Specnova—pure, raw nature infused with the power of biotechnology and science.


Sourcing new, concentrated bioactives from the world’s most fertile regions, and applying the latest technologies for yielding an expanded scope of health claims. Our difference is your competitive edge.

Partner with Specnova today and discover the difference our unique approach can make.

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